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about us

Cecilia is a Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Channel who uses her intuitive gifts to help you tap into your inner magic and release your old life story so you can finally be free to live authentically and true to who you’ve always been.

Cheryl is an Intuitive Branding Artist and Marketing Coach who uses her innate gifts to bring out your higher self through visuals, colours, graphics, and logo design. Through organic and heart-based strategies, you will learn how to magnetize your clients with ease.

We will show you to interact with your soulmate clients and be able to show up authentically and so impactfully, that your ideal audience reaches out to YOU!


This isn’t just a dream. It IS possible to embody your soul, your brand and your business so beautifully, that you literally cannot stop smiling from the fulfillment you get out of every single day.


We are two dynamic, heart based, badass female entrepreneurs who understand that YOU are your brand. Your personality, your unique qualities and your SOUL are what people see. Once you gain clarity about who you really are beneath the doubt and fear, you can uplevel your business in a way you’ve only ever dreamed of. If you are a business woman, coach, spiritual healer, or holistic service provider, this high end program is for you!  


What is different about us? We dive deep into what is holding you back from really embracing your brand. We believe that by releasing the pain of your past, (clearing blockages, identifying, clear, release, and heal), you can smash the fear that has been standing in your way and find out who you really are! Once we clear out the confusion and help you step into your limitless self love, we unleash your pure potential by honing in on the best brand angle for you!


We work exclusively with each client to cater a program to you and your specific needs. We will be with you every step of the way as we hone in on what you need to truly show up as your best self! 

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Payment Plan

payment plans - 



$4999 USD

After payment,
remember to book a
15 minute welcome call


$1249.75 USD

After payment,
remember to book a
15 minute welcome call


$312.44 USD

After payment,
remember to book a
15 minute welcome call

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